Elementary school pupils in Skopje marched in remembrance of their friends who died in tragic bus accident in Bulgaria

Фото: Мета.мк

“Forever in our hearts”, “The dreams ended up in ashes”, “We will remember you”, “We miss you!”. With these banners, flowers in their hands and tears on their faces, the pupils from the Ismail Qemali Elementary School in Skopje, North Macedonia, on Wednesday gave their last respect to their friends who lost their lives in the gruesome bus accident of the “Besa Trans” bus in Bulgaria. The teachers marched together with their students.

The five pupils from the ninth, eighth, sixht and second grade in the Ismail Qemali Elementary School will unfortunately never again sit at their school desks. In a sign of respect and remembrance on the Skenderbeg Square, where the remembrance march endend, few of the students recited memorial verses.

Photo: Meta.mk

“Life is really an unsolved mystery. It brings joyful moments and sorroful moments. But God wanted to tests us with a sad event, which seems unreal to all of us. In honor of these students, in honor of the young people who tragically lost their lives, I would like to tell all people of our age: The pain and the sorrow will always be in our hearts, the only thing keeping this children “alive” are the memories of them that we have. Therefore, do not dive into the sea of sadness, because the end is not so easy to know! Please try to keep all of ourselves strong and to unite our strength together,“ said one of the female students.

The teachers were also stricken with sorrow.

“What happened in our school is a great tragedy that cannot be explained with words. I am comforting the family, I am comforting the pupils, I am comforting the teachers who had beautiful moments with the pupils who died tragically… For a school to lose five of its pupils is very, very huge tragedy,”, the school principal said.

Only seven passengers survived the crash. which killed 45 passengers. The survivors were admitted to the Pirogov Urgent Hospital in Sofia.