Evidence has surfaced that judicial staff has been acting on orders from judges, in the involvement of the implementation of political instructions in order to protect suspects involved in cases brought by the Special Public Prosecutor, it was reported today by the Macedonian service of “Deutsche Welle“, who cited judicial sources within the country.

“Deutsche Welle” also reports that this evidence will soon be revealed, citing such issues as pressure on Judges, and instructions on how to react on the requests from the Special Prosecutor’s Office. Amongst the evidence, are written instructions on how the court should arrive at their final ruling and decisions. As stated in the article, all the evidence will soon be made public and it will show how the work of the courts has been obstructed and compromised.

“You do not have to be a Judge to know what is going in some these cases, especially cases involving prominent names. In some past rulings, this situation is fully unmasked and it is suggested that the outcome is “where the wind has blown”. However, such influence will not be able to survive indefinitely. It is probable, this is a last ditch attempt to protect someone, or someone is buying time to prolong the situation or a case”, it has been heard being said in court circles according to “Deutsche Welle” sources, who also added that there is no doubt as to which “address” the orders and pressure to the court come from.