The “Colourful Revolution” calls upon all open minded citizens to join them for a mass protest on Monday at 19:00 outside the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, because according to them, they have an obligation to save the SPO from the shackles of the Government.

“This corrupt and criminal government have been given more than enough time to react and to listen to our demands. They are deaf to their citizens. The only thing they are thinking of now is how to quickly escape from justice. The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office is the first light in this legal dark tunnel we live in, and the government has been holding them back even before the SPO were established. After today’s decision by the Constitutional Court not to put the SPO on the agenda, nor on the agenda of its next session, it is obvious that Gruevski and his associates are trying to abolish the SPO, when we least expect it”, said the “Colourful Revolution”.

The “Colourful Revolution” also say that persecution against protesters continues, and citizens will take justice into their own hands because the institutions who are meant to defend the citizens are only defending the crimes from the ruling party.