Unofficially, the session of DUI’s central presidency in Mala Rechica has started with a huge gap between the party members where Ahmeti and his closest associates had wanted to continue the collaboration with VMRO-DPMNE whole the vice presidents didn’t agree with this decision and wanted to enter into a coalition with SDSM.

A division regarding the coalition with VMRO-DPMNE had even among the new MPs. But, the MPs that were supportive of DUI to enter into a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE didn’t want the party to be led by Nikola Gruevski and there shouldn’t be official positions for the SPO suspects.

Amon the proposals was the implementation of DUI’s platform, which is a part of the Albanian platform that was signed by the Albanian parties in Tirana.

There were talks about changes in the Law for the use of languages, the allocation of ministers where DUI have asked eight ministries including the Ministry of Internal Affairs along with the current Minister for internal affairs, Agim Nuhiu.

DUI’s leader, Ali Ahmeti, when he was entering the meeting with the presidency said that he didn’t know in which direction the party is heading and that the discussion will be long and heavy.

DUI’s central presidency began its session at 17h, and by then Ahmeti had a meeting only with the vice presidents for the purpose of having additional consultations before the session with the central presidency.

Unofficially, at 19h, a meeting will be held between VMRO-DPMNE with its coalition partners, and at 21h, it is expected a meeting of the party’s central presidency after which Nikola Gruevski will have to announce whether he had managed to secure the majority in order to form a new government.