In the “Camp of Liberty” in front of the Government, debate: “What kind of Macedonia we want after exiting the political crisis? Visions, positions and policies” will be held today at 6 pm. The topic will be discussed by representatives of civil organizations and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev.

Speakers from civil society will be Natalija Popovska of Transparency Macedonia, Muhamed Zeqiri – journalist, Dona Kosturanova of the National Youth Council of Macedonia, Irena Stefoska – Vox Academica, Nikola Pisarev of the Contemporary Arts Center, Uranija Pirovska of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Slavcho Dimitrov of the Coalition “Sexual and Health Rights of marginalized communities” and Vladimir Lazarevik of “Healthgrouper.”

Moderator of the debate will be Marjan Zabrchanec of the Civil Policy Platform “Ajde.”