Civic associations have called the political parties to sign a declaration for adoption of an Antidiscrimination Law


Nine networks of civic associations that all together comprise more than 100 associations have called upon the political parties that will run at the parliamentary elections to support the declaration for a priority adoption of the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination by the future members of the Parliament.

The goal of the declaration is to oblige the political parties to adopt this Law as soon as the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia is constituted, without any additional delays, and then, in accordance with the deadline, to appoint the new personnel of the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination. This law is protecting the citizens’ right to equality guaranteed by the Constitution, plans a procedure for protection against discrimination, active measures for prevention of discrimination, and promotion of equality for all citizens, especially the most marginalized groups” said the associations.

Apart from the urgent adoption of the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, including the implementation of a transparent procedure for the election and the appointment of members of the Committee for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, and in accordance with legally set conditions and deadlines, they also request securing of conditions, including financial resources, for undisputed and independent functioning of this Commission. At the same time, they stress that what is also necessary is to promote and advance the principles of equality and non-discrimination in order to build a humane and fair society for everyone in the country.

Initiators of the declaration are the following associations: The Network for Protection against Discrimination, the National Network in the Fight against Homophobia and Transphobia, Platform for Gender Equality, the Macedonian Platform against Poverty, Network 23, the Informal Network of Romani Organizations, the Blueprint Judicial Reform Group, the Platform of civic organizations for fight against corruption and the Platform for Sustainability of HIV Prevention and Support Services.

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