Analysed according to use, approved credit personal loans for consumer and housing loans, are categories most common, with a monthly rise of 1, 4 percent and 1,5 percent, while the annual rise is 12, 1 percent and 13 percent, show the latest data of the  National Bank for Monetary Activities in July this year.

“For car loans, this month there is a monthly rise of 1,4 percent and a yearly rise of 6 percent. Credits approved based on credit cards show a minimal monthly rise of 0,1 percent, while on an annual basis, the decline was the same,  1.5 percent, as in the previous month”, say from the National Bank.

From the National Bank they add that the negative current account balances were down 0.5 percent on a monthly basis, while on the annual level they mark a rise of 1,7 percent. Loans approved on other basis, marked a monthly decline of 1 percent and an annual decline of 8.9 percent.