The problem with the refugees is a world issue, it isn’t a Macedonian nor a Greek issue. This is why we need an international reaction. These were the words of the Minister of Interior, Mitko Chavkov, who added that for the present, it seems like there is no solution nor is there anything of that sort on the horizon.

-The EU doesn’t have a consistent solution for dealing with this humanitarian catastrophe. Our efforts can only go as far as chipping at the issue. Our capacities are limited and this is why the border zone has been declared a crisis region. We tried from the start to provide an adequate treatment, initially accepting the vulnerable categories, but it became apparent that they cannot cooperate. I understand their position, having suffered so much to come here and in that regard a very large crowd formed, which because the cause of their attacking the police by throwing stones- said Chavkov during his visit of the location where a shelter for housing the refugees is made, near the border.

The Minister offers that the key in diminishing the problem of the large inflow of refugees is being coordinated with Greece, but also regionally and on the level of Europe too.