Извор на фотографија: Претседател на РСМ

Twelve citizens of the Czech Republic, members of the border police contingent in North Macedonia, tested positive for the new coronavirus. All of them, along with the persons who they had contacts with will now have to self-isolate for the next 14 days.

Dr. Sasho Olumche, epidemiologist from the border town of Gevgelija, says that the facility where the officers were located will have to be emptied and disinfected.

“I cannot tell you precisely where the facility is located. The Czech citizens were tested before leaving for their homeland, but it turned out 12 of them were positive and will have to be quarantined. I think that the Czech Republic will not allow them to enter so most likely they will remain here in quarantine. They will receive today the decision from the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate. The people who they were in contact with, will also receive orders for 14-day quarantine. The policemen are patrolling Gevgelija and the surrounding area in patrols and these patrols are mixed. We will have to clean the facility where they were located in order to be disinfected so that new border policemen may arrive to replace them and to be able to continue with their work”, said Dr. Olumchev.

The border police are patrolling across Gevgelija and the surrounding area. They are also monitoring the surroundings of the village Moin, two kilometers from Gevgelija, where in 2016, around 700 migrants have illegally entered Macedonian territory from Greece. The policemen are also conducting road checks on the highway towards Skopje and the bus station in Gevgelija, at the city’s center and the local cafeterias.

According to the last report issued by the Health Ministry, since the outbreak of the pandemic, in Gevgelija there were 73 cases in total and at the moment there are 46 active cases. Seven of them are citizens of Dojran, 11 are citizens of Bogdanci and 12 are foreign nationals from the Czech Republic.