Brussels & Washington still deliberating on announcement on conditions for elections

The expected Assessment on whether the right conditions exist for holding elections on April 24 is unlikely to be announced today, “Meta” has discovered.

According to a senior diplomat, the final text of the joint statement is still being prepared in Brussels and Washington. Talks are ongoing between political parties at a local level.

EU Ambassador’s Orav and US Ambassador Jess Baily, following a meeting with interim Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev held at the end of January, had said that on the 19 February, today, their assessment of the conditions for fair and credible elections would be made.

“Meta” has learnt that Orav has already left for Brussels, where, with others, he is likely to discuss the political situation in Macedonia and the implementation of the Przhino Agreement.

Political parties have repeatedly breached the terms of points contained in the Przhino Agreement and there is still failure on agreement on media reforms. Yesterday’s meeting of the working groups ended without success. There is no official word on when or if the working groups will continue with negotiations. Belgian facilitator Peter Vanhoutte said the ball is the court of the political parties as regards to resuming talks, where they must decide whether to seek a compromise on the issue.