MEPs Richard Howitt, Ivo Vajgl and Eduard Kukan today at noon will start meetings with representatives of the political parties who are signatories of the Przhino Agreement, announced the EU delegation in Skopje.

During the visit, the MEP threesome, along with the EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, who brokered the Agreement, will also meet with the Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva and representatives of the SEC.

It is unclear whether the three MEPs will have a joint meeting with representatives of political parties, and tomorrow at 13:00 they have scheduled a press conference at the EU Info Centre.

Howitt, Vajgl and Kukan will attempt to unblock the dialogue in the implementation of the Przhino Agreement which was brought to a standstill over the media and the renewal of the electoral roll. Their visit comes four days before the arrival of Commissioner Hahn to Skopje, who a few weeks ago sent a letter to the signatories of the Agreement, where he expressed his concern about the missing of agreed deadlines.