Environmental associations and organizations, five days before the deadline they gave the authorities to address the problem over the enormous air pollution, are not optimistic that the authorities will be apply measures which were proposed to them.

Until now, none of the measure have been implemented which were proposed by environmental organizations at the protest on December 28 before the Government and announced that they would take radical action if the Government continues to ignore their demands for clean air.

“We believe that our demands have not been met. The air remains highly polluted and highly carcinogenic. We closely monitor the situation and the behaviour of the authorities, and on January 15 we will inform you about our future plans for more radical action if the Government remains deaf to the question called Clean Air. It is a question concerning our lives and our future. We will not give up defending our constitutional guaranteed right to a healthy environment. The government announced that they will analyse who contaminates and how much has been contaminated, which is an indication to us that they do not have the right information to take appropriate measures. It is unacceptable, unethical and illegal behaviour by the authorities by showing us they lack the capacity to protect the environment, which is required by Article 43 of the Constitution”, said the civil initiative “Come out for some Air”.
Environmental organizations say that while they wait for the authorities to take the necessary measures which were proposed to them, they will remain aware and vigilant, and continue to work on activities that won’t be visible to the public because they are preparing for what is to come.