Zaev’s “bomb”: Nikola Gruevski tried to hide the truth about Martin Neshkovski


“We made a commitment to publish the whole truth about the criminal activities of Gruevski. The public learned that nothing is more sacred for Nikola Gruevski and his associates than that to be in power. Here’s another truth that even a lost life has no cost to the government and how someone wanted to hide the truth about Martin Neshkovski”, stated SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at today’s press conference, on which he announced new tapped materials.

According to Zaev, recordings reveal how Sasho Mijalkov admits that policeman Igor Spasov committed the murder, not civilian Igor Spasov and that Jankuloska hides institutional responsibility for the murder.

On one of the recordings published today, Gordana Jankuloska and Ivo Koteski talk about Neshkovski’s murder. Koteski tells her that journalists are asking whether the “alphas” committed the murder. Jankuloska insists it not be publicly disclosed immediately after the victory of VMRO-DPMNE on the elections.

Martin Protogjer asks Jankuloska to publish something about the murder. She argued that they made a statement for the media and claimed that the killed was a drug addict.

Koteski and Jankuloska talk about how the media report on the case. Koteski tells her that they cannot speculate and Jankuloska answers that they would resolve the murder. Koteski refers to those who protest as “little bastards” and that it is not known who was a relative of the murdered boy.

In another audio recording that leader of SDSM announced today, according to him, Sasho Mijalkov explains to Gordana Jankuloska that a member of a special unit, who was on duty, killed Neshkovski. He reacts why media were nervous when it is known that the murder cannot be resolved in one hour. Mijalkov tells her that the murdered was a “junkie.” He complains that that bad luck is following them everywhere.

In the next released audio recording, according to Zaev, Martin Protogjer tells Jankuloska that Neshkovski was their member from Karposh. Jankuloska explains that this case cannot be hidden. She explains how the murder happened and that “when the boy stumbled, he caught by the member of the special unit and was beaten by him.” Jankuloska says that he shouldn’t have acted like that, and it should haven been immediately reacted. Finally, she concluded that it was good that the case was closed.

In the following conversation between the same interlocutors, Protogjer tells Jankuloska to take the policeman before an investigative judge. She explains that she argued with Urko (Dejan Mitrovski) why the case was hidden for two days and that Urko said that they were waiting because they did not know what to do. She tells him that they messed things up and that it should be completed as soon as possible. Also, the minister informed him that they are now trying to think of a way to justify the appearance of the policeman who was not on duty that night.

On another audio recording that Zaev announced at today’s press conference, Koteski talks to Jankuloska and tells her that the policeman now doesn’t admit committing the murder. Koteski explains that he should be pressed into confessing the guilt. They talk about how TV “Sitel” reported the murder, which stated that Neshkovski was stilling drinks and therefore he was beaten up. Jankuloska says that it is a stupid excuse. Jankuloska acknowledges that Urko confirmed that he called the policemen to be at the square. Koteski claims that it is better for them to say that Spasov was not working that night.

The last conversation that Zaev announced today, according to him, is between Gordana Jankuloska and Nikola Gruevski. She tells him that they must tighten. Gruevski explained that Urko is lying and that he tried everything with him, but that it remains only to replace him. Jankuloska informed him of the record that was not done properly. She explains that a member of special forces cannot come to work only by an verbal order. She explains that Urko wanted her to ask Spasov’s supervisor to say that he gave a verbal order. Gruevski tells her to say that he worked in the “Tigers” and that he was not part of his security. He insists she to say that Spasov was privately there, and that he was not on duty.

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