President of the municipal organization of SDSM in Bitola Vasko Kovachevski held a press conference on which he announced tapped conversations concerning the city. At the beginning, he released an already published conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski, in which they comment on Mayor Vladimir Taleski. They discuss the contract with the company “Transkop” which, according to Stavreski, is “corrupt to the max.” He said that the agreed price is 10 times higher than the current applicable between private carriers and their contracts.
In a conversation between Mile Janakieski and Zoran Ilioski, it is hear as they talk about the low rating of the mayor.
Ilioski says it is “a terrible thing.” He says that two months ago, he had 48 percent, and now he went down to 35 percent.
Janakieski asks “what did Vlado these two months.”
Vladimir Taleski and Vlatko Mijalkov discuss putting aside people from the other side. Taleski says that “Kire Katanga is using the fuss in his advantage” and they also talk about Efto, leader of the fan group “Chkembari”. Taleski says that he “got 3,500,000 from Vlatko Chingo, took money from Cile as well, in Bitola blackmails counselors to give him municipal money, and he complains that the handball players have no salary.” Taleski says they are giving them too much freedom, and that they are troublemakers.
In another recording, Mile Janakieski and Vladimir Taleski talk about the company “Mardi” which, reportedly, caused problems in Radovish. Taleski tells him that there are problems with the owner because he blackmailed them about the roundabout. He says that they had to enter the land of “Javor” and that he bought “Javor”. Taleski explains that they later went to court and that he lost.
In a conversation between Vlatko Chingoski and Siljan Micevski, it is heard as they agree on some people who work for him and whose votes are not secure. Siljan says “if he needs to, he will fire them.”
Vlatko Chingoski and Martin Protogjer discuss the employment of 12 people, nine of who were chosen from Chingoski, but they were not “recommended by the party.” Chingovski says that they are on many key positions, adding that the two of them have to work for a nuclear program. Martin explains that “Gordana will now send him a little list”.
In the conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Nikola Gruevski regarding lustration, Gruevski is asking her whether the “conclusion of Tome Adzhiev” passed. Jankuloska tells him that they will “pass” it on the next session. The next conversation between Antonio Miloshoski and Tome Adzhiev is also regarding the lustration of a person, and the interlocutors agree how to sort the documents.