Bulgarian historian Paskov: Macedonia is much more to us than Kiev is to Russia


Macedonia is a particularly important issue in the political life of Bulgaria, said Bulgarian writer, historian and blogger Plamen Paskov in the debate about World War I which was organized by the Russian portal “Justice”.
– Macedonia is much more to us than than Kiev is to Russia. It is a holy place. Ohrid was the medieval capital of Bulgaria, Tsar Samoil. There St. Kliment of Ohrid created our alphabet that we still use today. He created it on the request of the Bulgarian count Boris, and he also opened the first re-writing school – says Paskov.
Bulgarian writer reminds that, in 1915, Austria-Hungary and Germany promised Macedonia to Bulgaria for it to be included in their alliance, but because the war ended tragically and Bulgaria, as a defeated country, lost part of its territory and nation.
Olej Ajrapetov, Russian historian and visiting professor at the Moscow State University, says that Bulgaria lost everything at the end of World War I.
– The final outcome of World War I was the collapse of Bulgaria. It lost everything. It lost its output on the Aegean Sea and a large part of Macedonia. Cultural body of the Bulgarian nation was divided. Macedonia continued its process and completely separated from Bulgaria – said Ajrapetov.

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