The City of Skopje has planted a tree line with 18 Japanese cherry trees in the Maksim Gorky street. The trees are a donation from the employees working in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s local office, inform the local authorities.

-In the name of the City of Skopje, I want to express my gratitude to the EBRD’s employees for this humane gesture which means a lot to the City of Skopje. We are working intensively on the increase of green spaces in Skopje, and this autumn we focused on the renewal of the current tree lines and the creation of new ones that the city needs – said the Mayor of Skopje, Petre Shilegov.

Mayor Shilegov stressed today that the trees that were cut a week ago were sick and the only option was to be cut down and new trees to be planted. He stressed that an effort was made to cure the trees, but they were infected badly.

-Since 2017, these sensitive trees were diagnosed to be sick, and unfortunately we couldn’t have saved them and the whole alley was removed – said Mayor Shilegov.

As part of the autumn season of planting trees, the City of Skopje plans new green spaces and the renewal of several green spaces at various locations in the city. In the past period, the alley nearby the Post Office was replanted and new plants are planted in the space in front of the City’s Trade Center.