The City of Skopje lacks 8.000 parking lots and the company that runs the parking lots lacks funds to invest in garages


At the moment, the City of Skopje lacks 8.000 parking lots in order to solve the problem with the parking of vehicles, but the Gradsko Parking enterprise doesn’t have enough funds to invest in the building of either montage or multistore garage parks that would help in overcoming this lack of parking spaces. \

The Public enterprise Gradski parking – Skopje, with its set of prices for services cannot provide enough financial assets in order to be able to invest them in capital buildings – as was informed Meta.mk by this enterprise.

The enterprise states that the prices of the services haven’t been changed in 10 years while one-third of their income goes to paying taxes. representatives of this enterprise think that in the future the prices for parking services will have to be increased which will de-stimulate the drivers from using vehicles in moments when they won’t need them most.

According to the Gradski Parking enterprise’s Annual report for 2018, the number of issued free parking licenses for residents was bigger than the total number of parking spaces that this enterprise manages with. The trend of increase of such licenses has been growing from month to month and in December it reaches the number of 8.852 free licenses. On the other hand, last year, this enterprise has had 8.324 parking spaces to work with throughout the city.

Also, this enterprise states that this year in the municipality of Aerodrom it has opened new parking zones with approximately 1.000 parking spaces and the enterprise has been working on new projects in the municipality of Karposh, where with the new zone parking there will be 1.000 parking spaces that they will be managing with. Regarding the municipality of Center, this enterprise will lodge a proposal for the increase in prices of their services by 50% in certain zones.

Apart from the increase in price for services, a second measure that could also de-stimulate the drivers from the overuse of vehicles is the use of alternative transportation means. Still, the numbers concerning the use of public transportation show different trends. During the first 9 months, there were 530.000 passengers less compared to last year, while the decrease in the use of public transportation in Skopje has been happening in the last 6 years.

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