At today’s session, the City of Skopje has unanimously passed a decision to send financial aid for the victims of the catastrophic earthquake in Albania. With this decision, as a solidarity for the victims, the City of Skopje is sending relief in the amount of 3 million denars (48.700 euros), informs the city’s authorities.

-Within its powers, yesterday the city sent two teams that are currently at Duress. The first team consists of 4 firemen while the second consists of technicians that are running the thermal drones and cameras. The amount is a sum that the City of Skopje traditionally grants for circumstances such as these and in this case it is an amount of 3 million denars – said Skopje’s Mayor Petre Shilegov during the session.

In the catastrophic earthquake that hit Albania yesterday 29 persons were killed and 650 were injured informed the Radio Television of Serbia’s correspondent in Tirana. The Albanian government declared a state of emergency in the areas of Duress and Tirana. it is feared that under the rubble in Tumane there are around 10 people under for whom rescue teams are still working to locate them.