US Embassy: Government and other parties not to sabotage the appointing of a special prosecutor

In a Press Release from its Embassy in Skopje, the USA today “urged the government, all political parties and the peoples of Macedonia to refrain from any actions that could interfere with appointment of a Special Prosecutor, and the abilities of this office to act with complete autonomy, as decreed in the the Agreements of June 2nd and July 15th.” The Press Release is in response to the decision by the Basic Court in Skopje to declare audio recordings of intercepted conversations by SDSM as invalid in the case where the Macedonian Prime Minister and several members of his Cabinet are facing criminal charges.

The United States Embassy said that all parts of agreements made on the 2nd of June and the 15th of July “must be implemented so Macedonia can resolve and overcome this political crisis”.

“We truly believe in reviewing cases reliably related to or resulting from the interception of communications, is in the best interest of all parties and for the citizens of Macedonia. We expect all court proceedings in Macedonia to respect the principles of national and international law, including law under the European Convention on Human Rights “, reads the statement from the US Embassy.