Ali Ahmeti, the leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), on January 8 will travel to Athens to meet with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.

DUI say that the only reason for visiting Athens is the meeting between Ahmeti and Kotzias.

In DUI’s statement, they say that Ahmeti and Kotzias will exchange views and ideas on good neighbourly relations, outstanding issues between the two countries and the Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia.

Ali Ahmeti will be accompanied by MP Artan Grubi, Vice Prime Minister for the Framework Agreement Musa Xhaferi, and Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Fatmir Besimi.

This will be the second face to face meeting between Ahmeti and Kotzias, who met before at the Greek Liaison Office in Skopje in June, before the Greek Foreign Minister’s visit.