Ali Ahmeti, the leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), does not believe that there will be any activities that would be harmful to the electoral process. This, as reported by DUI, Ahmeti made this statement at a meeting with the newly appointed Ambassador of France in the country, Christian Thimonier.

Ali Ahmeti and Ambassador Thimonier discussed the political situation in the country, the elections on December 11 and Macedonia’s integration into NATO and the European Union.

“President Ahmeti expressed the views of the DUI party about the political situation, stating that everyone needs to make a contribution for reliable and comprehensive elections. Ahmeti does not believe that there will be activities that would be harmful to the electoral process and stressed that DUI are against any attempt to intimidate or blackmail voters”, said a statement from DUI regarding the meeting.

At the meeting with Ambassador Thimonier, Ahmeti stressed the need for strong support from the French for the continuation of Euro-Atlantic perspectives for Macedonia.