A successful referendum means peace for Kosovo

Skopje, 12 September, 2018 - 16:33 (META) 

After meeting with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci called on the citizens of Macedonia to vote in favor of the referendum, adding that a successful referendum would mean peace for Kosovo.

“The future of Kosovo and Macedonia is to aim for the EU and NATO. Kosovo gives its support for Macedonia to move forward towards NATO for a European future. I urge the citizens to participate in the referendum and vote for Macedonia in NATO. This is a historic moment, an opportunity to be seized,” said Thaci.

The President of Kosovo also touched on the relations between Belgrade and Pristina, pointing out that it will not be easy for the process alone to make a historic final decision and to resolve issues between Kosovo and Serbia, but that’s why dialogue exists.

“You have concluded the agreement with Greece, now it is Kosovo and Serbia’s turn to find a solution by dialogue. You know that this will not be an easy process to make a historic final decision to resolve the issues between Kosovo and Serbia, but that’s why dialogue exists. We have many barriers, but I am optimistic, because it is better to reach an agreement now rather than three decades later. I will make a huge effort to reach an agreement with Serbia which means reciprocal recognition,” adds Thaci, who says he has assured Zaev that a possible settlement between Kosovo and Serbia will not be by blasting neighboring countries.

He added that Macedonia welcomes dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, which it considers key to the stability of the region.

Zaev: We have not yet managed to discuss names with Greece

Skopje, 12 December, 2017 - 15:41 (META) 

The matter of the “Divo Naselje” case, should not be an obstacle in the relations between Macedonia and Kosovo, according to the meeting in Pristina, between Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and his counter-part, Ramush Haradinaj. Zaev, at a joint press conference, added that, in regards to this case, there will be an international investigation in order to reach the truth.

Regarding today’s name talks in Brussels, among the United Nations mediator on the name, Matthew Nimetz, and the Macedonian and Greek negotiators, Vasko Naumovski and Adamantios Vasilakis, Zaev said he hoped that “through Minetz’s mediation, the mutual desire will be confirmed as the two stand for finding a solution. ”

“We have not reached that point, to discuss new names. I hope that the meeting will end with a positive atmosphere so that we can expect further development of possible solutions to this problem”, answered Zaev to a journalist’s question.

Tomorrow Zaev and his delegation pay Kosovo an official visit

Skopje, 11 December, 2017 - 15:30 (META) 

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with a government delegation, will pay an official visit to the Republic of Kosovo tomorrow, the government’s press service announced.

The delegation, led by Zaev, is comprised of Minister of Economy, Kreshnik Bekteshi, Minister of Transport and Communications, Goran Sugareski, Minister of Culture, Robert Alagjozovski and Minister without Portfolio in charge of Diaspora, Edmond Ademi.

On the agenda, during the visit, several bilateral meetings are scheduled between the government delegations of Macedonia and Kosovo, and the first a face to face meeting with Zaev his Kosovo counterpart, Ramush Haradinaj, after which a joint press conference is scheduled .

Zaev will also meet with the of Parliament Speaker of Kosovo, Kadri Veseli, and the Macedonian Prime Minister will also meet with representatives of the Macedonian-Kosovo business community, as well as with companies from Macedonia and Kosovo.

Prime Minister Zaev will round up his visit with at a meeting with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci.

The visit of the government delegation to Kosovo is the first official visit of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of Kosovo.

Zaev is going on an official visit to Kosovo and will meet Thaci and Haradinaj on December 12th

Skopje, 8 December, 2017 - 19:37 (META) 

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev will be visiting Kosov on the 12th of December (Tuesday), informs the Government. As part of the visit, a meeting with his Kosovar colleague Ramush Haradinaj is planned after which a joint press conference will occur.

During the day, the Prime Minister will have a meeting with the President of Kosov, Hashim Thaci as well as with the President of the Kosovar Parliament, Kadri Veseli. On the same day, a meeting with representatives of the Macedonian-Kosovar business community is also planned.

The delegation led by Prime Minister Zaev will consist of Minister of Economy, Kreshnik Bekteshi, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Goran Sugareski, the Minister of Culture, Robert Alagjozovski and the Minister without a portfolio for the diaspora, Edmond Ademi.

“The visit to Kosovo by the government delegation led by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is a first official visit of a Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of Kosovo” informs the government.

Vučić and Ivanov exchanged “heavy and harsh words” with Thaci and Nishani at Brdo, Kranj

Kranj, 4 June, 2017 - 10:00 (META) 

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić has said that in Kranj, he and the Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov have exchanged “heavy and harsh words with the Albanian representatives” at the meeting, saying further that it is better that way rather than taking the issues on the streets, reports B92.

Vučić said that he can’t remember any other such heavy and harsh discussion he has had as the one with the Kosovar President Hashim Tachi, but that together with Ivanov, they have clearly shown what is right in the behavior of the people in Pristina and the plans for a Great Albania.

“They tried to show that these claims are a made up stuff by Belgrade and I have to say that the Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov completely supported all the arguments that I brought out and was very harsh and to some it looked like we are having a block of Serbia and Macedonia against the two Albanian representatives, which wasn’t the case” said Vučić.

Otherwise, Vučić and Ivanov took part in the leaders’ meeting of the process Brdo – Brioni, that took part in Brdo, Kranj.

At the meeting which was hosted by the presidents of Slovenia and Croatia, Borut Pahor and Kolinda Grabar- Kitarović, also participated the president of Germany, Frank Walter Steinmeier, who was a special guest, the President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, the President of Kosovo, Hashim Tachi, the President of Albania, Bujar Nishani and the member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Dragan Čović.

Citizens can now travel to Kosovo with an ID card

Skopje, 8 February, 2016 - 18:08 (META) 

Today in Pristina an agreement was signed by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs from Macedonia and Kosovo, Nikola Poposki and Hashim Thaci. It will allow citizens to move across the border with bio-metric ID cards as well as opening the border crossing Belanovce – Stanic.

Both ministers decided that these agreements will benefit the citizens and businesses of both countries, and will provide an increased exchange of experiences between young people and an intensification of economic cooperation.

With bio-metric identity cards, in addition to Serbia and Albania, citizens can now travel to Kosovo.

Tachi: Rumors that Germany is giving work permits is the reason for the wave of asylum seekers

Берлин, 19 February, 2015 - 18:38 (META) 

Kosovo Foreign Minister Hashim Tachi, in an interview with German newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, said the reason why tens of thousands of Kosovo citizens sought asylum in Western countries was the rumor that Germany is giving a lot of work permits, report Serbian media.

– It is absurd, but led many people to travel to Germany. Even some Kosovo media in January reported stories of people who, reportedly, received an apartment and work permit in Germany. Some commentators argue that, due to a negative birth rate, countries in Western Europe call Kosovars to migrate. It is not true, but it was the occasion for people to go – said Tachi in the interview.