A successful referendum means peace for Kosovo


After meeting with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci called on the citizens of Macedonia to vote in favor of the referendum, adding that a successful referendum would mean peace for Kosovo.

“The future of Kosovo and Macedonia is to aim for the EU and NATO. Kosovo gives its support for Macedonia to move forward towards NATO for a European future. I urge the citizens to participate in the referendum and vote for Macedonia in NATO. This is a historic moment, an opportunity to be seized,” said Thaci.

The President of Kosovo also touched on the relations between Belgrade and Pristina, pointing out that it will not be easy for the process alone to make a historic final decision and to resolve issues between Kosovo and Serbia, but that’s why dialogue exists.

“You have concluded the agreement with Greece, now it is Kosovo and Serbia’s turn to find a solution by dialogue. You know that this will not be an easy process to make a historic final decision to resolve the issues between Kosovo and Serbia, but that’s why dialogue exists. We have many barriers, but I am optimistic, because it is better to reach an agreement now rather than three decades later. I will make a huge effort to reach an agreement with Serbia which means reciprocal recognition,” adds Thaci, who says he has assured Zaev that a possible settlement between Kosovo and Serbia will not be by blasting neighboring countries.

He added that Macedonia welcomes dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, which it considers key to the stability of the region.

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