The people working for Sasho Mijalkov’s security yesterday night verbally and physically attacked me. The place where the incident occurred is under video surveillance and everything I’ve said can be easily confirmed by the police, said today Muhamed Zeqiri, an MP for SDSM at a press conference.

Zeqiri claims that a dozen people who sat at the table with Mijalkov came and asked him to leave the place because there was a private party, which Zeqiri says is not true because he had a prior reservation.

“Once I explained that we had duly booked a table, one of them known to the police pushed over our table and the group began pushing me towards the exit. Once they pushed me outside the building one of them pulled out a police identification badge and asked me for identification. While I pulled out my identity card to show him, another person attacked me from behind physically in the head. I reported the case to the police. What is furthermore scandalous it that the officer who took my statement, did not want to write Sasho Mihalkov’s name in the police report. Even though it was my statement to the police, which I am entitled to as a citizen”, said Zeqiri in his explanation of the incident.

Zeqiri immediately asked the Ministry of Interior to open an investigation and to resolve the issue and said that the perpetrators must be held accountable, regardless of whose people they are. He emphasized that the institutions are obliged to protect the citizens, not personal and party interests of individuals from the outgoing criminal government.

The incident last night was also reported by the Emergency Center “Mother Teresa”.

“On 02/19/2017 1:10 am, in the Emergency Center “Mother Teresa”, it was reported that the person M.Z. came with injuries, and he told them his injuries were from a physical assault in a catering facility by an unknown person. Measures are being taken to find the perpetrator for full clarification of the case, “said the bulletin from the MOI.