Zeqiri claims he was attacked by Mijalkov’s security, the former UBK Director denies the allegations


Yesterday, Muhamed Zeqiri, a SDSM official claimed he was attacked in a Skopje cafe and accused the security of Sasho Mijalkov, the former director of UBK. Mijalkov denied the accusations and has announced a lawsuit.

Zeqiri claimed that last night in café “Dion” he was attacked by Mijalkov’s security.

“The incident was provoked by Mijalkov’s security, and he directly asked that of them. While sitting in “Dion”, a person came and told us to leave the cafe immediately because there was a private party. I tried to explain to him that we had a reserved table, but he pushed it over. They tried to push me outside. Meanwhile, I noticed that Jordan Mijalkov was in the cafe. One of the men pulled out a police badge and another hit me from behind”, claimed Zeqiri and reported the case to the police.

Sasho Mijalkov through a statement sent by the Centre for Communications of VMRO-DPMNE denied Zeqiri’s testimony and announced lawsuits against him and the media outlet that published the information.

“The statement Muhamed Zeqiri gave is a complete lie and it is slander. I strongly deny that any of my security attacked him. If I do not receive an apology as soon as possible, I will be filing lawsuits against him and the media outlet who spread such disinformation”, reacted Mijalkov in his statement.

Late last night after Zeqiri reported the incident to the Beko police station, he wrote on his “Facebook” page that he is stronger and more determined than ever and that justice will prevail, and the criminals will face responsability.

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