The Law that stops the Lustration process passed its first reading in the National Assembly


The proposed Bill for a Law that would end the lustration process, otherwise titled Law for providing conditions that limit the fulfilling of public office, passed the first reading in the National Assembly today.

The Bill was proposed by Members of Parliament Ilija Dimovski and Antonio Miloshoski of VMRO-DPMNE and Talat Dzaferi and Rafiz Aliti of DUI.

-All of the acts that were brought, that are related to the lustration process, are neither going to be revoked nor scrapped. However, we are suggesting, based on our estimates, that the Assemly will determine the end of the lustration process.We consider that the lustration lasted long enough to fulfill the expectations and those were, to reach the truth and not to punish or chastise those who had informed on others in the past. The process was supposed to bring to light lots of obscurities from the Macedonian past- said Ilija Dimovski, in the appendix explanation to the Bill. According to Mr. Dimovski, “all of the irregularities and criticism regarding the lustration were produced by the left.”

Independent MP Roza Topuzova-Karevska reacted to the speech of Mr. Dimovski, saying that the Law for lustration did not fulfill its objective and that the Commission had been biased.

-Unfortunately, the Law did not fulfill its primary objective- straightening the historical injustices- to expose those who have became accomplices to the secret services- said Topuzova-Karevska.

The Lustration Commission went over 30,000 cases to establish that 300 of those involve persons who had collaborated with the secret services.

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