SDSM is committed to working, and stand behind its views on ensuring fair and democratic elections, said today the leader of the opposition Zoran Zaev, at a public debate with young people in Bitola.

“I am preparing the party and our members for elections, and I hope we will animate a large number of undecided voters, who will then give the opposition their support, come togetger against this demented government, and we hope this will happen one June the 5th “, said Zaev

He said, that according to his information from the State Election Committe (SEC) there maybe are chances for the electoral register to be cleansed and a new list formed in time for elections. He added that the matter of the media remains and open issue.

“This was agreed upon in the Przhino Agreement, and the International Community sent a clear message that there couldn’t be credible elections without regulation of the media. I hope that in the upcoming period, citizens will notice a serious change in the media world, for example, equal representation, meeting professional standards, and the normalization of society in the media”, said Zaev.