Zaev: We received a document from DUI with solutions for the Law on Languages, a working group is reviewing it


SDSM leader, Zoran Zaev confirmed that late last night, they received a document from DUI with proposals for the Law on Languages. He added that he hasn’t seen personally what the document contains, but the working group, consisting of Oliver Spasovski, Radmila Shekjerinska, and Renata Deskoska, are going through the material.

“For us, everything under the Constitution is acceptable  and the needs of the Albanian citizens or any other community of minorities. The proposal should be in line with the Constitution and reflect the practical needs of citizens. With such wide framework, we don’t know when we will make a decision. As I said previously, the proposal arrived late last night and we are reviewing it”, said Zaev.

Regarding the breach of deadlines for forming a new government, Zaev stressed that he believes a solution has to be found fast, and a reason more is the deadline for the local elections that should speed up the negotiations between the political subjects.

“The attorneys are more informed, but I think that the deadline for calling local elections is 70 to 90 days. By the end of February or at the start of March they will have to be called in order to be held on the 7th or the 14th of May. Therefore, the forming of the government is necessary to happen as soon as possible”, said Zaev.

This was stressed by Zaev at the celebration of 95th anniversary of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia which was attended by a large number of businessmen, diplomats, former Prime Ministers and politicians from the Western Balkans.

Zaev also said that this is a great opportunity to listen to proven businessmen and experts about the direction of the country’s policies.

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