Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, was commenting the documents that were published by Wikileaks where it stated that the name “Republic of North Macedonia” had been accepted since 2008, and he stated that it is a reason more for all of us to stand together and to secure a safe future for the country.

– I believe that this evidence that is coming out in the public, will be yet another reason for all of us to stand together and to secure a good future for Macedonia – said Zaev, when asked by a journalist after today’s signing of contracts for providing financial support business startups – accelerators for the youths.

He also said that many governments have tried to come up with a solution and that the good news is that the Macedonian identity has been confirmed.

-You know that I had in my possession the conversations that are now under the custody of the Special Public Prosecution. Many governments have put an effort to find a solution including the previous government. Part of the solution regarding the name and its all-around use or “erga omnes” use was accepted, both for the North and Upper Macedonia. I’m pleased that our identity was confirmed – the Macedonian language, which was an important goal set by the negotiating team – said Zaev.