Zaev: No need to send documents concerning financing protests to Greece


Today Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that there was no need for the Macedonian authorities to submit documents to Greek organizations that want to begin investigations that it was a Greek businessman of Russian origin who was named as the financier for the protests of the fan group “Komiti” in Macedonia.

Zaev said that those statements of people were not recorded, and were taken from conversations with the police.

“These statements were given by people after the attacks on police officers in front of the Parliament, as part of the hooligans group “Komiti” in Macedonia. I commented on this in order to send a message that friendships should be built, and not to create grounds for hostility. Macedonia have already shown an example of building good relationships, and we will continue to do so with all countries, and that includes the Russian Federation, as well”, Zaev said.

After an interview with BuzzFeed News and then at the beginning of the construction of the factory of the American company “Dura”, he accused “Greek businessmen” who “are sympathetic to the Russian cause” and had paid Macedonians a sum of $13,000 to $21,000 “to execute acts of violence”. The accusation that it was a Russian businessman, prompted a sharp reaction from the Russian Embassy in Macedonia, which said this statement was sheer conjecture.

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