In an interview with Al Jazeera Balkans, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said that the referendum will be successful and that the citizens will approve the agreement reached with Greece.

“If there is just one vote more which is against, we are absolutely ready to raise our hands and say this is not the right path. Before big historical dilemmas, citizens knew how to choose the right path. Before us stands a choice between the past and the future, fear and hope. The past is very important to our identity, but we can not change it, we can finally offer our people a choice of what kind of country Macedonia will be. There has been no greater patriotic duty than creating this opportunity and enabling citizens to choose. I’m sure they will choose the future”, said Dimitrov.

Regarding the opposition’s view, he says the issue is more important than someone’s political games or careers.

“This is a growing process. We must not be afraid of the peoples’ will. This question is much bigger than the entire political elite, and all the parties. We must not think of ourselves, of our personal careers. We are not perfect, we make mistakes. There are many areas for party battles, but the strategic game of our nation must not be subject to party reactions”, said the minister.

When asked by a reporter whether the government had a plan B if the referendum fails, Dimitrov said they are focused on Plan A.

“We are convinced that we have done the maximum. That we have achieved a compromise with a clear distinction between our country and the part of the historical region located in Greece. Macedonia has no other strategic alternative”, he added.