Zaev: I expect support from the Bulgaria regarding our EU membership


Finding a quick solution for open issues with Bulgaria is possible but goodwill is necessary for both sides. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev stressed that Macedonia and Bulgaria have signed an agreement where they have obliged themselves that they have a joint history, but Zaev reminded that a part of the history is special for both countries.

-I believe that the committees will find a solution – stressed Prime Minister Zaev during today’s press conference at the Government when he was asked about Sofia’s position regarding the country’s accession processes.

Apparently, the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has called for a coordinative meeting regarding Bulgaria’s positions about Macedonia’s EU accession in the light of the achievements by the Joint Committee for history and history books.

Zaev stressed that the Macedonian Government has stressed the need of reaching a compromise, but in order to do that, an effort must be put by the other side as well.

Even he, like his Bulgarian colleague, believes that this chapter in history will be surpassed and informed that so far, four historical periods with 6 or 7 important persons that we shall celebrate together as part of these periods.

-Politically, we showed that even with the agreement that we are cooperating with Bulgaria and we shall continue in that direction. I believe this chapter of history that is discussed now will soon be overcome. Our goal is to strengthen the friendship and the good neighborly relations. I expect that a solution will be found. I believe there is no need to worry as we are receiving the alarm and the messages sent from Bulgaria. We are working with the commissions, we shall have other meetings and we shall stress that with a final goal both sides shall be happy and pleased when they reach that solution – said the Macedonian Prime Minister.

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