Zaev: Early elections if VMRO-DPMNE does not respect the peoples’ decision


The referendum is the most comprehensive tool of democracy. The outcome of the referendum is final and the will of the people must be respected by everyone. In a democracy, decisions are made by voting. I congratulate all citizens, we have had success for a European Macedonia.

This was stated by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev after polling stations closed in today’s referendum. The public were asked whether they, “Are for EU and NATO membership by accepting the Agreement with Greece”.

“The success is collective to our country and to all citizens, regardless of the organized boycott by VMRO-DPMNE, apart from the exceptions. I expect that the vast majority who did vote, chose the right path. Now the voice of the citizens, the will of all those who voted in this consultative referendum has to be turned into a political decision in Parliament. If, like we expected, have a huge, huge majority “for” from those who voted, with a vote from MPs in Parliament, we can finally accelerate the process for the EU, NATO and for a better life for our children. I expect MPs from VMRO-DPMNE to respect the decision of the people, otherwise there will be nothing else left to do, we will have to apply another democratic tool, which is early parliamentary elections right away,” Zaev said.

At the end of his short speech, Zaev stressed that he will continue to lead the country forward and that Macedonia will be a member of NATO and the EU.

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