The State Election Commission has reported that by 17 o’clock pm, 455,771 citizens voted, or 28,83% of the total number of registered voters on the Voters’ List.

In the Municipality of Aerodrom, the turnout was 29.6%, Aracinovo 38.3%, Berovo 29.95%, Bitola 28.13%, Bogdanci 30.45%, etc.

The SEC reported that all complaints that had been submitted to them were rejected as there was no legal basis for them to be considered. It was regrading citizens who were not on the Voters List because they had either changed their personal documents or did not have valid ones, and did not exercise the right to be put on the list during the public inspection.

The SEC assessed that today’s voting during the referendum has been conducted in good spirits so far, with minor incidents and have appealed for this to continue until polling stations close at 19 o’clock pm.