Celebrations taking place in several cities throughout Macedonia tomorrow, commemorating Macedonia’s invitation to begin talks with NATO is very important to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and aims to “mark the decades-long aspiration of the Republic of Macedonia” .

He explained that the celebrations organized by the Government are part of a concept of decentralization, diversity and quality music in many cities, as well as a rich cultural program and according to him it costs the same as two theatre plays and is financed by the state.

“The expenses are covered by the budget, and that includes props for the stage, sound system, lighting, fee for musicians, and promotion”, Zaev said adding that PR companies will immediately announce the cost once they have the full information from all the performers that are involved in the event.

The prime minister appealed to the opposition to stop spreading hate to the democratic majority in Macedonia.

“Macedonia deserves to celebrate, therefore I call on the opposition to congratulate citizens and stop putting pressure on musicians who are taking part in the most transparent and decent way. The opposition should support the future of Macedonia and stop spreading hatred, because even the musicians and bands throughout Macedonia are citizens who will be casting their vote in the referendum”, said the prime minister.