I told you that the regime would fall and the regime fell. I told you we will become the 30th member of NATO and we did. The regime was defeated by the pen and now we signed and received an invitation for NATO. I believe in heaven. We received a date for negotiations with the EU, it is this faith what carries us. I truly believe that the referendum will be a success, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at a news conference in Brussels after the signing of the invitation for admission to NATO.

“The referendum will succeed and it will deliver the message that there are people, nations and multi-ethnic societies that believe in their future. However difficult, we will make the decision together in the Republic of Macedonia”, Zaev said.

He expressed regret that President Gjorge Ivanov is not part of the Macedonian delegation in NATO. Zaev said that they had not received anything from Ivanov, not even a message or congratulations for the invitation from NATO.

“We have to accept the decision made by the citizens, whatever it is. I will once again use this opportunity to invite them to join everyone to help the citizens, to be the wind in their backs. Using the pen suits Macedonia. The future of Macedonia will be secured if everyone casts their vote”, said Zaev and expressed confidence that Greece will complete its part of the agreement, which will bring benefits, progress and prosperity to both countries.

The Prime Minister urged all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia to celebrate on Saturday and congratulate each other.

During the formal ceremony, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted that after completion of internal procedures and ratification of the agreement, Macedonia will be sitting at the same table with its allies.