The debate over the referendum and all issues related to it, including the establishment of the State Electoral Commission (SEC), will begin at the end of this month, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in response to a journalist’s question.

“The fact that the opposition has forced the government to negotiate the founding of the SEC shows how adolescent the process itself is, and what institutions are subjected to. The SEC must be formed immediately. It is the responsibility of Parliament and of all political actors”, said Zaev adding that he expects the Commission to be formed quickly.

If the working groups fail to come to an agreement, as a possibility he mentioned a leadership meeting, but, nevertheless, he expressed confidence that all issues will be agreed upon on a working group level.

In the time that is left, said the prime minister, they will also debate the date of the referendum, the ballot question, and its character.

“Citizens have the right and should declare there position through the referendum. There are various referendums, however this one has historical significance, because it will define the future towards which our country strives”, says Zaev.

When asked whether he expects that there will be 80 MPs who would implement the constitutional changes by the end of the year, Zaev pointed out that this is not the aim of the ruling majority.

“I believe that Parliament should provide 120 MPs, if the will of the citizens is positive in the referendum”, said Zaev.