For elections in April, the Assembly is to be dissolved in February, lists to be prepared in March


According to announcements by EU Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn and the leaders of political parties, early parliamentary elections will be held by the end of April next year at the latest.

Under the Constitution, the Assembly must be dissolved 60 days before the elections, i.e. in February, the lists of MPs should be published 23 days before the election date, and SEC has to put the voter list to a public review 15 days after the announcement of election.

Last year were held presidential and parliamentary elections, for which purpose were spent eight million euros from the budget.

These are the other technical things that must be done before the elections are held.

  • The deadlines for early parliamentary elections were shortened to five days, unless the deadline set for the implementation of the election campaign.
  • SEC has to announce the lists of candidates for MPs in the daily press at the latest 23 days before the elections.
  • The election campaign begins 20 days before election day and must end 24 hours before election day.
  • At the latest 15 days after the announcement of elections, SEC must put voter list for public review.
  • The public review shall last 20 days.
  • Five days after the public review is over, SEC shall submit the voter list to political parties, and they, in turn, within five days must submit a request for entering, adding or deleting data.
  • SEC must complete the voter list at the latest 15 days after the public review.
  • 48 hours before the determination of the lists or at the latest 48 hours after setting the lists of candidates, they must open a bank account, to provide tax identification number and submit the account to the competent election commission.
  • Through MFA, State Election Commission within 48 hours will submit the determined lists to the consular offices for their publication.
  • The State Election Commission submits the election material to the Municipal Election Commission no later than 72 hours prior to election day.
  • Foreign Ministry submits the electoral material of consular offices immediately, or not later than 24 hours after receipt.
  • The Municipal Election Commission shall submit the election material to the Electoral Boards in the Republic of Macedonia one day before the day of the elections.
  • The State Election Commission should publish the descriptions of the electoral districts established by this Code no later than 30 days prior to elections.

Talks for resolving the political crisis in Macedonia, on which will probably be determined when the early elections are to be held and how the process of their implementation will be carried out, continue on Wednesday in Brussels.

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