Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi in his address at Mechkin Kamen in Kruševo said that in the past 26 years the country has gone through many disputes and crises, but the spirit of unity and coexistence has not been disturbed. He said that the foundations of that coexistence were founded in the Kruševo Manifesto.

“We have a common homeland and we are all responsible to preserve and develop it, for us and for future generations. At the same time, all of us who live here or at least the majority of citizens, share another common commitment, so if you want a dream, that is full integration into the EU and NATO”, said Xhaferi.

Regarding the resolution of the dispute with Greece, he said he was optimistic.

“The current parliamentary majority and the current Government are working tirelessly to address this open issue in order to close other open issues so that we can quickly devote all of our efforts into the reforms that are needed if we want to return to the so-called fast track for membership in NATO and the beginning of negotiations for full-fledged EU membership”, said Xhaferi.