Xhaferi: Milososki received confidential documents in an unacceptable and unofficial way


Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi’s office have reacted to the case regarding the President of the Foreign Policy Committee, Antonio Milososki, ie the violation of the Law on Classified Information by the MP, who is Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee.

“The President of the Foreign Policy Committee has not received a security certificate for over a year, even though Parliament pointed out that his previous one had expired. The MP and president of the Committee, in accordance with the Law on Classified Information, who is without the necessary security certificate, is not permitted to claim own or publish public documents that are marked “strictly confidential”, stated Xhaferi’s office.

According to them, Milososki sent a request to President Gjorge Ivanov’s office asking for material from the leader’s meetings held in January and May this year “. In an unacceptable and unofficial way, he received the material from the office of President Ivanov personally and not through the necessary channels, something that is illegal”, Xhaferi said in a statement.

“The material is open, and after a few days other people in Parliament will bring to the archive to be processed. This material then becomes the property of Parliament. We would like to point out that the Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, acted in accordance with Article 52 of the Rules of Procedure in Parliament, which states that MPs are obliged to keep state, official, military and business secrets. All the materials referred to Parliament and the working bodies are considered confidential, and are marked by the person who proposed them. The manner of handling the material that are considered confidential shall be regulated by a special act passed by the Parliament Speaker”, the statement said.

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