Xhaferi gives parties three-day deadline to convey their positions on referendum


Today, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi notified parliamentary groups that they will have a three-day deadline to answer, whether they would participate in the public propaganda for the referendum, that should be conducted by Parliament, as well as on what kind of campaign they will lead and whether they will be “For” “or “Against” on the referendum issue.

The notification was addressed to coordinators of the parliamentary groups SDSM, DUI, VMRO-DPMNE, Besa Movement, as well as MPs from DPA and the Albanian Alliance.

Xhaferi simultaneously informs MPs that at the request of Parliament, the Government made a decision at yesterday’s session and approved to provide funds to Parliament in the amount of 80 million denars (1.3 million euros).

The three-day deadline Xhaferi has given coordinators of the parliamentary groups is due to the planned and suitable distribution of these funds for the realization of the public propaganda.

Yesterday, Parliament formed a Coordinated Body for conducting the referendum on the state level on September 30 and for conducting a public campaign. The Coordination Body will be headed by Xhaferi, and its members will be vice-presidents and coordinators of parliamentary groups.

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