Women, with honorable exceptions, were mute and silent, playing the role Gruevski assigned them

Not even one organization for women, reacted to speeches made by Nikola Gruevski and Daniela Rangelova, President of the Union of Women of VMRO-DPMNE, at the party annual conference yesterday.
The event was organized primarily for the Union of Women of VMRO-DPMNE, but not only were the women last in the welcoming speech of their leader, but no-one mentioned their achievements at all. For the whole hour and a half, barely a few minutes were dedicated to women. At the gathering, Ms Rangelova talked more about the VMRO-DPMNE election campaign and the opposition SDSM than rights for women, which they should have done, as a Union for Women.
In the Macedonian version of the Yellow pages, the “Zlatna Kniga”, there are over 35 addresses of NGOs for women and in the Macedonian Women’s Lobby there are 15 NGO’s for women yet none of these organizations reacted to yesterday’s speeches.
The only reactions that could be seen were on the “Facebook” profiles of Professor Gordana Popsimonova, Professor Mirjana Najchevska, and actress Irena Ristic.
From the political scene, none of the political parties reacted except for the municipal organization of SDSM from Ohrid and the Party for the Movement of Turks in Macedonia (THP).
Ljiljana Popovska also remained silent, who for many years has been fighting for women’s rights in Parliament. There was no reaction from the Forum of Women from SDSM, nor by the Commission on Equal Opportunities for Men and Women in Parliament.