By 17:00 pm the voter turnout was 60.38% on a state level, reported the President of the State Election Commission, Aleksandar Chichakovski.

“In Constituency 1 66.38% came out, in Constituency 2 59.89% came out, in Constituency 3 64.90%, in Constituency 4 67.15% came out to vote, in Constituency 5 58.46%, and in Constituency 6 46.82%”, said Chichakovski.

According to these figures, the turnout of voters is large, namely, two hours before the polls closed there was nearly an overall turnout from previous elections. If this trend continues, even now it can be said that the turnout has nearly reached record numbers from the last elections and the calls for a massive turnout yielded results.

During the campaign, many leaders of political parties and the international community called on the people to go to the polls.

At the last early parliamentary elections in 2014, at 17:00 pm the turnout there was 53.24% which is 7.14 percent less than this year. Then the total percentage of the voter turnout was 54.38%.

In 2014 in the second round of the presidential elections, at 17:00 pm 45.68% of voters came out to vote.

In 2011 at 17:00 pm the voter turnout was 53.86% of registered voters, while in 2008 the percentage was 45.90%.