The citizens organization “Most” announced that during the Election day more irregularities in the voting process were noticed.

Representatives of “Most” are announcing that at the polling station 0473, municipality Mavrovo and Rostushe, a member of the voting board is evidencing the voters that are voting on a special list and that list was handed to an authorized person. At the polling station 0558, municipality Centar Zupa, an authorized person has entered the voting station and has introduced himself as a party observer, but it didn’t possess an accreditation. Because of that, the voting board removed him from the voting station. The person stayed by the door of the polling station and was evidencing the voters.

According to received information from “Most”, at the “Jane Sandanski” school in the municipality of Centar, in the hall there was an unauthorized person that was instructing the voters of Romani nationality for whom to vote. After a while, this person was removed by the voting board.

At the municipality of Kichevo, in front of the polling station 0740, there were unauthorized persons who were evidencing voters as they were entering the premises, while in front of two other buildings in the same municipality where 6 voting station are located, there are unauthorized persons that are evidencing voters as they are entering the building.

“Most” received reports about the presence of unauthorized persons that are agitating voters in front of Naum Naumovski Borce school in the municipality Gazi Baba, where 11 polling stations are located. The case of agitating was registered at the polling station 2464 in the municipality of Chucher – Sandevo.
At the polling station 0845, in the municipality of Kochani, as was reported by Most, 12 voters voted publicly by showing their ballots.

“Cases such as photographing the ballots were noticed at the polling station 2561, municipality of Gjorce Petrov, where a response by the voting board was absent and at polling station1644, municipality of Resen where there was a reaction by the voting board and the case was evidenced. Photographing of a ballot was noticed at the polling station 1612, municipality of Konche, where the voting board had warned the voter that it is illegal” as was stated in the announcement.

Most’s observers have reported an incident at the polling station 0882, municipality of Cheshinovo-Obleshevo. An activist of a political party, who was not authorized to be present at the polling station, did not allow a member of a family to help the voter and instead he did it for the voter.

In three cases the president of the voting board did not allow an entourage to help voters that cannot vote alone and he did it himself. The president was warned by the members of the voting board.