SDSM taken by surprise by the Prime Ministers statement regarding the Special Prosecutor


The opposition SDSM were surprised by the Prime Minister’s  statement yesterday regarding the appointing of a Special Prosecutor.

They said that VMRO-DPMNE until now had insisted to choose just a special prosecutor, and maintained that the he wouldn’t need associates, nor would he need organs or bodies to make sure his office would run independently. The Prime Minister’s statement came as a surprise said the opposition.

The Prime Minister had said yesterday in his speech for Independence Day,

“Appointing the Special Prosecutor should be done in the manner upon which was agreed, without adding or subtracting things from the agreement. The prosecutor should be autonomous and have a sufficient number of professional and technical assistants, investigators and all the necessary logistics he needs in human resources. He will need funds to cover the costs for technical support in terms of offices, vehicles. He should not be in any way hindered in his work, nor under internal or external influences. You should honestly prepared to do his job and make objective decisions”

Sources from inside the negotiating groups have told ‘Meta’ that working groups to political parties assigned to the Przhino Agreement will be discussing electoral laws, but all energy will be focused on appointing a Special Public Prosecutor.

The parties have agreed to give priority to this issue, as the deadline is approaches. Therefore, it was agreed by the 15th of September to meet daily if necessary, even during the weekend to meet the deadline which all parties have agreed to.

According to information received, there is a slight shift in negotiations on the special prosecutor and he will likely be elected according to existing law, but under his own  amendment.

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