VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM neither confirm nor deny that there is a “non paper”


VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM neither confirm nor deny whether the negotiating team from the European Union came out with “Non paper” on the meeting between Gruevski and Zoran Zaev in Strasbourg.
VMRO-DPMNE claim that “they do not know anything about any non-paper”.
SDSM, for “Meta” stated that “they are not familiar with such a document”.
After a short break and after individual consultations of the teams, the second part of the third leaders meeting began.
Unofficially it is said that Zaev and Gruevski are informing Tachi and Ahmeti about the talks that were led in Strasbourg.
In the history of agreements made at this same place, the famous May agreement, was also written, between Nikola Gruevski and Ali Ahmeti, about what should be done after DUI enters into governmental coalition in which by then was DPA.
And then, during the negotiations, information of some written agreement occurred, that both leaders denied, but later, however, the media published its content – in English.
To the present Gruevski has not confirmed that such a document with the name “May agreement” even exists.
Then under allegations that it is a political dialogue between the government and the opposition Gruevski and Ahmeti agreed 46 laws that should be adopted by Badinter majority, and among them was the law on use of minority languages, as well as forming Committee on Relations among communities.
Gruevski denied having signed some kind of document, for six months, then the May agreement became the political platform of the two leaders in compiling the cabinet after the early elections in 2008.

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