The actor Vlado Jovanovski, former Head of Security of Trajko Veljanovski, Goran Gjoshevski, Oliver Popovski, an employee at the Sixth Estate and Munir Pepikj from the Agency for Counterintelligence have made a request to the Appellate Court to discuss their appeals regarding the prolongation of their detainment at a public session.

The Appellate Court confirmed it has received eight appeals and that they have been submitted for a decision at the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office and after they have been completed, the court will schedule public sessions.

Otherwise, the deadline for the appeal for most of the suspects to whom detention was extended is still on because their attorneys’ still have received the decisions sent by the Criminal Court.

The measure of house arrest was extended for MPs Ljupco Dimovski, Johan Tarchulovski, Zaklina Peshevska and another suspect, while in the cases of S.M. and M.M., the Court accepted the Prosecution’s proposal to cancel their detention and put them under house arrest.