Belgian facilitator Peter Vanhoutte today before the meeting between the working groups at the MPs Clubhouse said that according to him it was possible to reach an agreement on the media law and it is good that political parties are giving their own suggestions, which are not final decisions, but only proposals .

He confirmed that some of the proposals contained a few problems because they were not up to European Union standards. Vanhoutte also added that there has been no formal agreement on the methodology for the renewal of the electoral list, but he is satisfied that he can say that the State Election Commission (SEC) are doing all they can to cleanse the electoral roll.

When asked by the media, the Belgian facilitator said that if there is not enough time to prepare elections according to him this can be problematic for elections. Also, in response to another question Vanhoutte said elections that are not inclusive or if all political parties do not participate, then it will be a problem for democracy and for the country.

According to him the Government and the opposition are responsible and the ruling coalition should make attractive conditions for elections for the opposition.