Фото: Арбнора Мемети

“The Basic Criminal Court Skopje announced the verdict in the case No 101/19 that among the general public is known as “Special Cash Box” according to which the accused T.J. and S.M. were found guilty for the criminal offence “Abuse of official position and authority, according to article 353 paragraph 5 v.v with paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code and were sentenced to prison. T.M. was sentenced to 6 years in prison and the period spent in detention will also be accounted in the sentence while S.M. is sentenced to 4 year in prison,” announced the Court.

The person sentenced is Toni Jakimovski, the former chief of staff of the former Head of Security and Counterintelligence Administration (UBK) Sasho Mijalkov, who misused 825.000 EUR, as well as the former UBK employee, Stevo Madzovski.

The accused Kristina Josifovska was freed from the charges, because “the public prosecutor wasn’t able to provide evidence beyond the reasonable doubt that the accused has done the felony she is accused of.”

The accused had been collecting money from the register for payments for UBK’s special needs. The evidence for the spent funds was destroyed together with the payment documentation.