Today Parliament will hold three sessions, the new government should be chosen by midnight


Despite the second parliamentary session, where the only point on the agenda is electing the new government, today in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, the 21st continuation of the constitutive session will be held. At today’s session, MPs will be discussing the election of the president, vice president, members and deputies for the Commission on Elections and Appointments of Parliament.

The continuation is first on the schedule and begins at 10:00am. At 11:00 am, the third session will start, where they will discuss the draft decision on the establishment of permanent working bodies in Parliament, which was submitted by MPs Goran Misovski, Ejup Aljimi and Ilija Dimovski, namely, the committees.

Then at 12:00 pm, the second session, which began yesterday will continue and by midnight the latest, the new government should be selected which was proposed by Prime Minister-designate Zoran Zaev.

The session began yesterday, and after justifying the new government’s program led by Zaev, heated discussions followed with members of the Besa Movement attacking DUI and their candidates for ministers, as well as SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE. However, the session was marked by disagreements between Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi and MPs from VMRO-DPMNE Ilija Dimovski, Antonio Milososki and Vladimir Gjorcev about how long can one speak and how to make a procedural objection from the rostrum. At one point late in the afternoon, Xhaferi, after an argument which lasted several minutes, did not allow Gjorcev to make a procedural objection from the rostrum.

Otherwise, the Parliament Speaker addressed MPs from VMRO-DPMNE in Albanian, because, earlier on, Milososki said that they do not recognize Xhaferi as a legitimate Speaker, just a legitimately elected MP and they reprimanded him that as Parliament Speaker, he is not allowed to speak Albanian.

While MPs from SDSM addressed Parliament, besides best wishes for the new government and remarks that they will be the ones controlling it, one of the main points was the respect expressed for Vladimir Gjorcev due to his defence of the attacked MPs during the violence which occurred on April the 27th.

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